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Student Loan Consolidation Loan

Are you experience student loan debt and aren’t sure what to do? You’re not alone! With millions of college graduates facing burdensome student loan debt, a student loan consolidation loan is the solution to gaining control of post college finances.

The purpose of National Student Loan Relief is just what our name says…giving students and parents some relief from the overwhelming stress and anxiety debt that has been accumulated through student loans. Many people don’t realize what they are getting into when they reach out to financial aid for help in paying college tuition and fees. For a great deal of the post-secondary population, taking out loans is the only way to get to college. It’s easy to apply for and receive financial aid but paying it back is a whole different story. But what happens when you can t pay back what you owe? What happens when unexpected cost arise? Pregnancy, house repair, windscreen replacement cost, rent, all these things need to be factored in, and below we will try to help you to make sense of it all and pay back your debts without undue stress and cost.

A student loan consolidation loan with NSLR can ease the burden of trying to deal with multiple loans and payments. NSLR understands that it’s difficult to deal with various interest rates, lenders and loan payments. Wouldn’t be easier and less stressful to combine all of those loans into one; making one payment to one lender each month? NSLR works directly with the Department of Education to offer you new federal student loan consolidation programs and ame your student loans payment more affordable

NSLR can eliminate the cost of the “middleman” by consolidating your student loans into a Direct Loan with the Department of Education. Why should you pay someone else to service your loans when you can use a student loan consolidation loan to lower your loan interest rates and payments. We have consolidated over 10,500 cases in the past 28 months and helped thousands of people find financial peace when it comes to their student loan debt. We guarantee our services by working directly with the Department of Education and utilizing the most recent federal guidelines.

Your Federal Student Loan Rights

NSLR will ask you to authorize a limited power of attorney that is specific to only your Federal Student Loans so that we may qualify, process and enroll your Federal student loans on your behalf directly with the Department of Education. Allowing NSLR to cut through all the bureaucratic red tape!

We will be authorized to engage on your behalf the following benefits:

  • Enrollment in to ALL Federal Student Loan consolidation/forgiveness programs.
  • Change and/or set a new automatic debit date for your monthly payments.
  • Defer your payment(s) on your behalf.
  • Qualify and approve you annually for existing and/or new Federal consolidation programs.

Newest Federal Student Loan relief programs for 2013 are income-based

It is important to note that the newest programs, as of 2013, are income-based programs. This means the Department of Education will qualify you based on your AGI (adjusted gross income), number of dependents that you claim, tax filing status (jointly or separately, if married), and total federal student loan balances.

Should you have significant changes with any of the qualifications, you will need to contact an NSLR counselor so that we can make any and all necessary changes so that you are receiving the maximum benefits from these new federal consolidation programs.

Student Loan Guarantee

National Student Loan Relief Provides… 100% Money-back Guarantee. At NSLR, we believe in and will back our quality of service with a Money-Back Guarantee!

Our only disclaimer is that the information that you provide to us must be accurate: the additional documents needed to validate and verify your employer, employment status, adjusted gross income, tax filing status, and number of dependents claimed on your taxes by you and your spouse, if you’re married. Make sure everything is filled out completely and accurately. Any changed or updated information must be relayed to NSLR in a timely fashion to keep your status protected.

NSLR will verify info you provide for your protection

Our motto is, “Trust but Verify.” If you tell us facts and figures, we believe you! However, it’s in your best interest that what you have given to us is still verified. We need to avoid delaying the enrollment process which occurs when incorrect information is given to the Department of Education. By doing this, the program(s) that you are enrolled in will not be negatively affected by wrong or incorrect information and our student loan guarantee to you remains in full benefit!

Student Loan Help


If you are looking for student loan help, NSLR is the right place to start. Our focus is to help individuals afford their student loan payments. Graduation should be a stepping stone into a professional career rather than a fast slope into debt. Your student loans may look good on your credit history, but installment loans are only positive if you can afford to make on-time payments. Don’t stay in the struggle or worse yet, fall into default. Student loans will not go away without a payofStudent loan helpf. Manage your debt in an affordable way when you contact National Student Loan Relief.

Find student loan help with NSLR for your particular loans. Here at National Student Loan Relief, we work hand-in-hand with the Department of Education to efficiently relieve Federal student loan debt to take care of each individual’s personal situation. We look at your income, profession and types of loans when developing a plan for student loan help.

Whether you work in public service, qualify for a partial loan forgiveness program or if you are looking to consolidate multiple loans into one easy monthly payment. NSLR is going to find the most effective resources for student loan help.

Student loan help comes in a variety of forms.

  • Are you looking to consolidate? Many debtors find one lower payment a more affordableapproach to paying back their debt.
  • Do you qualify for loan forgiveness programs? The programs have guidelines and NSLR will know which one may fit your personal situation.
  • Need your interest lowered? Lowering your interest will help payment costs.
  • Do you qualify for income-based programs? The Department of Education considers your income to additional student loan help.
  • Limit student loan help costs by choosing NSLR. We are an experienced team who has served numerous clients.

National Student Loan Relief employs counselors, managers and professional customer care representatives who have years of experience providing student loan help. You and your family have financial goals and this debt needs to streamline within your income objectives. Once you have peace of mind and affordable debt payments, you will understand why so many have already come to NSLR for student loan help.

Make the first step in controlling your income. Take student loan debt head-on using the services of National Student Loan Relief. We pride ourselves in making a difference.

Lower My Student Loan

How do I lower my student loan? At NSLR we take a proactive approach towards seeking out Federal Student Loan Consolidation programs on your behalf. Whether we call you directly or you found us on the web yourself…our services always begin with a FREE consultation.

Our professionally trained Counselors are well versed in helping individuals with Federal Student Loans find the most beneficial program(s) that are aligned to your short and long term financial goals. The programs that we work with are: 10 -30 years in repayment with a lower monthly payment benefit, minimizing the amount of interest that you pay over the term of your loans, qualifying and enrolling into Public Service Loan Forgiveness, Teacher Loan Forgiveness and many more successful programs and solutions that will help you manage your outstanding student loans with ease and peace of mind.

NSLR is a trusted and professional service to “Lower My Student Loans” and find financial relief.

Our unique process is simple, safe, secure and confidential. All we need is 10-15 minutes of your valuable time to gather information on you and your student loans. Once we collect this data, we verify it’s accuracy, and then share with you what Federal loans qualify for which various available programs. We can even provide you with your NEW monthly payment once enrolled into the program, prior to enrollment!

It’s at this point that you and your family can determine the VALUE of enrolling into the NEW Federal Consolidation programs… and it’s an absolutely FREE Consultation!

Should you want to proceed with enrollment; based on the value and benefits NSLR can deliver….one of our Compliance Managers will walk you through the documentation process of enrollment and discuss the fees associated with your New Lower Payments and Financial Peace!

Retrieve your FOUR digit FASFA PIN ( Request a “duplicate pin” and answer a few questions and you’ll receive your FASFA pin instantly.

Retrieve your Federal Loan(s) information ( Once you have your FASFA pin, you will need to enter this pin along with your Social Security number, your date of birth, the two letters of your last name, when you received your loans and your date of birth. This is the exact information that NSLR is required to see in order to qualify your loans and determine the consolidation programs available for your enrollment.

We look forward to serving you and your family in seeking out the best possible solutions to meet and exceed your goals when it comes to Federal Student Loans!

Student Loan Consolidation


At NSLR, we believe that client relations and service is our Number One Priority. If you have attempted to enroll or gather information on your existing federal student loans, you know it isn’t easy. The hold times can be five minutes or more, the runaround from department to department is frustrating and more importantly, the bureaucratic red tape is thick with rhetoric. Nobody can answer a straightforward question with a simple or complete answer. At NSLR we cut through it all because we understand that this can be daunting, frustrating and something that you’d rather just procrastinate on. After all, who likes to make BIG decisions when you can’t get crystal clear answers?

At NSLR, our services are guaranteed! We process every student loan consolidation directly with the Department of Education utilizing the most recent federal guidelines. Our professional and experienced team have successfully completed in excess of 10,500 cases in the past 28 months starting in early 2011! Although each and every individual case is unique, we are more than confident that we can provide you the financial freedom and relief that you deserve and are rightfully yours!

NSLR can you eliminate the costly Federal Student Loan consolidation “middle man”

By consolidating your federal student loans into a Direct Loan with the Department of Education, you will eliminate the “servicing company” that you may be paying to process and service your loans. These new federal student loan consolidation programs eliminate the servicing company (AKA “middle man”) so to speak. It just makes sense economically. Why pay a fee to a servicing company that acts like the “middle-man”? You can now pay the Department of Education directly. Eliminate the servicing company, put yourself back in control and receive the direct economic benefit. It’s just that simple!

Consolidation programs have been around for years. Don’t be fooled, though! Just because you believe that you have already “consolidated” your loans by combining all of your loans into one payment, does NOT mean that you have consolidated directly with the Department of Education’s newest federal consolidation programs. If you are not enrolled into Direct Loans with the Department of Education, it’s very likely that your loans do not qualified or are enrolled to receive the direct benefits of income-based programs or Student Loan Forgiveness programs.


Student Loan Forgiveness, Do I Qualify?

If you are considered a Public Servant, are a Public Service employee (working for the city, state, county or federal government) or work for a Non Profit Organization, you are qualified for enrollment in the Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF)! Qualifying employment is considered any employment that is with a federal, state, or local government agency as well as any entity, organization or non-profit organization that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has designated as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).

Below is a list of occupations that are approved for our Public Student Loan Forgiveness Program:

  • Teacher
  • Principal
  • Librarian
  • Police
  • Firefighter
  • Medic
  • Ambulance driver
  • Registered Nurse
  • Homeland security
  • Parks and recreation

In 2007, the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program was created by Congress to encourage post-college individuals to seek part or full-time jobs in the public services sector after they graduate. The Department of Education (DOE) is offering these incentives to promote and seek out individuals that are qualified and willing to work in “public service”. They want YOU!

In order to qualify for the student loan forgiveness program, the DOE requires that you are a full time employee and make 120 consecutive, on-time payments towards your student loans. You will need to make those payments under a qualifying repayment plan which includes: The Income-Based Repayment plan (IBR), the Pay As You Earn (PAYE), and the 10-Year Standard Repayment Plan. Your loan must be a Direct Loan. Loans received under the Perkins Loan Program or the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program do not qualify.

Keep in mind that there are “hardships” that can, and will, come up in between the ten years of repayment. You will need to notify the lender, in writing and with validation, that you are experiencing a hardship. In most cases, you will be granted a deferment. The deferment will be applied to your on-time (consecutive) payments without losing your qualifications for PSLF. If you are working in the public sector and have a lapse of employment, you may still be eligible for the PSLF even if you have a gap in your payments.

Consolidating Student Loans

The majority of college graduates are leaving school deep in debt. The average debt is over $22,000 per graduate. With or without immediate employment, these young adults are finding it difficult to begin the repayment process. It took a few years to accumulate the debt and a lifetime to pay it off. National Student Loan Relief has made consolidating student loans an easier process during the lifespan of your loan.

The Federal government is continuously working to improve their relief options. Forgiveness programs to qualified debtors decreased the bottom line amount owed making consolidating student loans a more friendly monthly payment.

The Department of Education along with Congress, Senate and House of Representatives continue to focus attention on solving student loan debt problems. Deferring payments or defaulting on the loans altogether will only increase the debt problems in our society. Students worked hard to get their education; it is a shame that the cost of their college degree is now threatening their financial future and credit history. In the past, Federal student loan consolidation were accompanied by varying interest rates. Borrowers will now find the change to fixed interest rates more reliable and in turn makes loan consolidation payments more secure.

Consolidating student loans will provide monthly relief.

  • Did you know that by consolidating Federal student loans into one easy payment could help to lower the monthly demand well over 50%?
  • Consolidating student loans will help stop tax offset for those loans already in default standing.
  • One low payment is easier than juggling multiple payments with separate due dates.

NSLR takes consolidating student loans seriously by investigating loan forgiveness programs first. Public service employees may qualify for the forgiveness programs which will see bottom dollar savings before the loans are processed!

If you can afford to make the original payment on your student loan debt, do so. For those of you needing assistance, give NSLR a call and let’s find out exactly what kind of debt you are up against and what programs you may qualify for. We work directly with the Department of Education to give you the most effective and current programs for consolidating student loan debt.

How to Consolidate Student Loans

Here at NSLR, we take student loan consolidation seriously. Student loan debt is one of the leading personal debt problems in the country. Graduates struggle with payments. Loan deferment is an option, but is a pricier long-term option than finding a way to consolidate the loans into one easy payment. Find out how to consolidate student loans with National Student Loan Relief.

In your search to know how to consolidate student loans, you will need to know what kind of loans you have. For many young adults, the initial search to borrow money for school is a task which is done without too much attention paid to the demands of paying it off. Once school is over and student loan debt payments begin, the graduate will be forced to look at the reality of income and how far it can stretch out in the real world.

There are two major categories of student loans, Federal and Private.

  • Federal loans represent money which comes from the government. The Department of Education offers limited loan opportunities to qualified students.
  • Private loans are those which are processed through banks or private lenders. These loans tend to be used more often since there is no limit on how much can be borrowed. A person’s credit will affect loan approval.

Consolidating private loans through banks or lenders can end up being pricey if the loan is tied to the prime rate. If these interest rates rise, so will the ones on your loan. Ask one of NSLR’s customer service representatives whether your private loans can be consolidated through Federal programs. Incorporating all federal loans into one will bring affordable monthly payments for your monthly budget. Now that federal loans use fixed interest rates, you will feel secure to know that the loan will always be affordable. Let NSLR work on how to consolidate student loans for you while you focus on what to do with the savings.

National Student Loan Relief will help to solve the “How to consolidate student loans” inquiry.

The Department of Education provides more than one way to save on student loans. They will incorporate private loans into their consolidation programs as well as offer separate loan forgiveness opportunities to those who qualify. It is important to find a student loan relief service to help you find out if you qualify for any forgiveness program before you consolidate the loans.

Find a service that works directly with the Department of Education like NSLR. You will save money over the long-term when the “middleman” fees are nonexistent.

Consolidated Student Loans

Are you currently struggling to make your student loan payments? With student loan debt in the U.S. alone currently surpassing 1 Trillion dollars and the average loan amount owed being $26,000, rest assured…you are not alone! If you are currently holding any federal student loans including Subsidized and Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans, and PLUS Loans,National Student Loan Relief will consolidate your loan to one lower monthly payment, lock in a fixed interest rate, and get you out of “default” status on your current loans.

National Student Debt Relief (NSLR) understands the difficulty in making student loan payments when the economy is struggling and college graduates are having a hard time finding a job.Consolidated students loans can help parents and students find some financial relief by utilizing the Department of Education’s newest federal consolidation programs. NSLR works closely with the Department of Educationin an effort to provide the most current loan programs available.

If you have a combination of loans, you’re probably dealing with different loan amounts, payments, and interest rates. Not only can keeping track of your loans be confusing but making all those different payments can be overwhelming. By combining your loan payments through consolidated student loans, you can have peace of mind making one payment to one lender for the duration of your loan payoff. There will be no more juggling of paperwork, keeping track of interest rates, or dealing with numerous lenders who are looking to get repaid.

If you have private loan, you will not be able to consolidate those with federal loans. The difference between federal and private loans is that if you default on your federal loans, the government will pay the defaulted amount to the lender in the event you can’t. If your loans are subsidized then the government will pay the interest owed while you are in school. If your loans are unsubsidized, you are responsible for paying the interest that accumulates on your loan.

Utilizing consolidated student loans can help you gain control of your loan payments while eliminating the confusion about the different types of loans you currently have.

NSLR helps graduates find the right federal student loan consolidation program for their particular financial situation by consolidating loans to lower monthly payments, minimizing the amount of interest paid for the term of the loan, and lowering monthly payments and/or interest rates. When you have consolidated student loans, in most cases your payments are so much more manageable.

When looking to consolidate student loans into one easy payment, National Student Loan Relief provides decades of experience with exceptional client service. Consolidation eligibility begins once the student graduates, leaves or drops out of school. The Department of Education currently has no limit as to how much student loan debt can be consolidated. If you want to consolidate student loans, NSLR will help you find a program to relieve your current financial situation.

Every student loan portfolio varies from one to another. It is important to collect all the data on each Federal loan to find the best solution for your personal financial situation. The Department of Education offers several relief programs and finding the best one(s) will offer you the most savings. Our student loan guarantee is to bring relief to your family’s budget.

Once your loans are consolidated, the new payment cycle will begin within 60 days after finalizing the loan. There are different repayment plans that borrowers may choose from. National Student Loan Relief will help explore all options so each client will be able to choose the one most relevant to their personal finances. The interest rate will never be more than 8.25%

Consolidate student loans at any time!

You may consolidate student loans which have already fallen into default. It will take 4-8 weeks to get them out of default status. Once a part of the consolidation process, you will not have to worry about any tax offset which would have possibly taken all or some of your tax return. The best time to start is now and it all starts with a free consultation with Nations Student Loan Relief.

“Lower my student loan” help is what NLSR does best. We will make every effort to customize your savings. Protect your family’s finances by condensing all your Federal loan payments into one. Your new payment will fit into the budget leaving you room to take care of the family. We all want are income to cover our basic needs and then some. You may qualify for one of the income-based payment programs which will help to keep the payments low. In these programs, your loan payment will only go up if your income does. NSLR will find the best program for your personal situation.

Student Loan Debt Consolidation

Student loan debt consolidation is one of the best ways to bring life back into your budget. Whether you are a new graduate or you have been making payments towards your loans for quite some time, student loan debt should not ruin your finances. Give NSLR a call for a free consultation! Student loan relief is a few short steps away.

After collecting all the information necessary to develop your student loan portfolio, National Student Loan Relief will analyze the personal data to determine it’s qualification value. There will be no stone unturned to find out how to consolidate student loans and save you money. NSLR will find solutions for your federal loans.

Even if your loans are already in default, the Department of Education will consolidate those as well. Doing so will stop tax offset. Your future tax return will no longer be used to collect your debt. Federal loans which were already consolidated by non-Federal programs can be included as well. NSLR considers their student loan guarantee as their promise to fit your portfolio into the program(s) with the most savings. The mission is to help families afford student loan debt.

Student loan debt consolidation groups all your loans into one easy payment.

The first payment will be expected 60 days or less once the consolidation loan has been settled. You and your family will have a chance to regroup your finances accordingly. Depending on the amount of the loan will determine the length of your new loan. Student loan debt consolidation is very similar to refinancing your home mortgage. Using NSLR to connect your new loan directly with the Department of Education will bring the most savings to your final consolidation costs. A private lender may work your loans as well, but their costs and added interest will be collected for the life of your loan.

Don’t let the loans control your finances. Take action and call NSLR today! Avoid going into default or deferring costs which will only grow with time. Get your student loan help started and protect your family’s financial future.

Student Loans Forgiveness Programs

Looking for programs which offer student loans forgiveness? National Student Loan Relief will find them!

We start with a free consultation. Since forgiveness programshave particular requirements, we want to understand your personal situation. A free consultation will give us an idea of where to start. If we are going to save you money on your student loans, we might as well save the most possible. NSLR may be able to qualify your student loans for programs unfamiliar to you. When you work with a service team of professionals who care about you and your family, you can rest assured that no stone will be left unturned.

Student loans forgiveness programs for public service workers.

These programs were set up to encourage public service workers to remain in their full-time positions. There are some specific complex guidelines which must be met in order to qualify for the programs and NSLR will walk your finances through the details to find where your portfolio fits.

  • Have you been working fulltime at a qualified location?
  • Have you made 120 payments towards your loan(s) thus far?
  • What type of Federal Student Loan do you have?
  • Have you been employed by the qualified location for 5 years while those payments were being made?

These are only the beginning inquiries as NSLR will define your portfolio verification with student loans forgiveness eligibility. There is significance to each step involved in the process in order to create the most savings for the program. National Student Loan Relief will use its expertise and experience to produce the best results possible for your individual situation.

Find student loan relief with NSLR as we walk your loan portfolio through the qualifying process. Our objective is the same as yours; to qualify your debt into student loans forgiveness programs along with any other consolidation program which will help make student loans payment more affordable. If you do not qualify for certain programs for fixable causes, we will develop a detailed plan for you to follow in order to get your loans entered in the savings programs.

Start the process with a free consultation with National Student Loan Relief. Our professional staff is ready to help you and your family out of student loan debt problems. Let’s process your loan portfolio to find student loans forgiveness programs, consolidation possibilities or if your income would give you more relief.